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Texas Customs is owned and operated under the policies and guidelines of C.A.R.E. Distribution.

Located in the heart of Texas as part of our family of brands. The distribution center does new product development , lab work, testing and logistics. 

Our shipping commitment is free shipping world wide. The DC works together with us to allow all divisions better rates and service to all global points. We maintain flexibility in the Texas Customs guitar division while working within the guidelines of the DC. This allows each group to provide the needed special products and services required by the industry.

Our business model operates as a supply chain based on the proven QIA and JIT format. 

This model works well for our company and affords us relatively quick response to our market demands. This allows each group to focus on quality, service, materials, parts as well as vendor and dealer needs with the end customer satisfaction being the goal.     

Our philosophy is that everyone is important, everyone matters and everyone is needed. 

Our company operates on this principle and is applied company wide.

Our Mission is to combine past, present and future quality, technology and the best service possible together at a sensible price so that our customer experiences a honest value for their hard earned dollar while our efforts and continued support of qualified, tested and legitimate outreach organizations can be consistent.  
Your order and or purchase makes you a partner of our outreach and you will love your products and or guitar!
Our company supports:
Kiva foundation, Feed the Children and a variety of disaster relief efforts among a host of other organizations.
The mission is to provide help, support and relief in times of need and to create opportunities, employment and a future that are otherwise not possible. 
Thanks to you, it is a reality in countless lives.
The vision of this company is aimed in this direction simply because we C.A.R.E.

Please fell free to browse these organization websites. We have placed click buttons on our resource page for your convenience. You will be blessed.

We would also like to publicly thank the State of Texas for sharing our vision and for a extended hand of support.
We are truly greatful.

Happy Trails
Texas Customs

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