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Texas Customs Strings, Exclusive  Alloy
Long life and a part of our patented "Smooth Play" Technology

Electric-Bass- Acoustic
Diversity & Durability

With strings being a factor of the sound of your guitar.
We simply determined to do something that others wouldn't.

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Without spending a lot of your valuable time on technical data. We want to invite you to experience the beauty of this breakthrough in string technology.
We all use strings and lots of them. This means that we need strings that last. We need strings that will take the abuse of the road, gigs and just good old everyday practice while maintaining tone.

We designed the "tough factor" in to these strings first. At this point, we could have a string that will give us more mileage.
This required a very tough alloy that could take the abuse, yet not rob the tone quality.
We found such a alloy and without question it does the job.
The secret here, was to find the edge of the envelope. A place that if you made the alloy any tougher, the tone quality would suffer.
Thus we are on the edge.
Next, we needed playability. This required a new style of cut in the groove that does two things in particular.
First: the new style rib cut allows the fingers to slide much more quietly and smoothly between the frets of the electric and the acoustic guitar.
Second: we needed a style of cut in the rib structure that allowed the new protection of the alloy powder coat to reside. The purpose for the alloy powder coat along with the structure alloy is to avert moister. Humidity has always been a enemy of string life. The powder coat runs interference between the string core and the humidity itself. Thus, giving the string a clean clear ring for a longer life span. This works in harmony with the alloy that was made for the durability factor.
Third: we needed shelf life. Storage has needed updating for quite a few years.  We decided to confront this problem. As a result, we have a new type of sealed individual string package that allows the strings to store most anywhere for extended periods of time without moister causing harm.
Another very nice benefit is that you do not have to change strings as often and you don't have to buy strings as often. How nice is that ?

Instructional use:
Guitar players are creative to say the least. Some will find many different ways to approach this.
However, we suggest that you use your guitar tack cloth to wipe your strings and fretboard before and after you play. You will see the build up that the powder coat and alloy have assembled for you as they combat moister and also the chemicals that comes from our fingers.

Note:These strings were originally made for our own OEM guitars and were not available to the public.
We've had so much demand for them. We decided to offer our strings to the public as one of their many choices.The reviews have been overwhelming. Plus, we know you will enjoy them.

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